2nd-4th grade Elementary Educator

Job Purpose:

Educators at Colorado Christian Academy desire to be agents of transformation who build foundations in students that change their trajectory in life. They believe that God has saved them and uniquely gifted them with the art of instruction while reflecting and revealing Christ to their students. Ideal candidates, track student learning in order to refine instruction to either challenge students who are underchallenged or support students who struggle to learn. Educators write, plan, and organize an instructional program to meet holistic needs of all students.

General Duties, Leadership, and Strategy: 

  1. Develop and maintain strong relationships with all school stakeholders (students, faculty/staff, parents, board members), ensuring open lines of communications at all times and addressing issues and concerns in a timely and constructive manner. 

  2. Participate in regularly scheduled faculty/staff meetings. 

  3. Participate in professional development opportunities. 

  4. Participate in change in accordance with the school development/strategic plan.

  5. Complete other duties as assigned by Leadership. 

  6. Play a role in recruiting/re-recruiting by embodying the mission, vision, and values of Colorado Christian Academy and exhibiting professionalism and hospitality in all interactions. 

  7. Participate in chapel services, leadership programs, and mentorship opportunities. 

  8. Hold confidentiality regarding sensitive information related to students, parents, and school data. 

  9. Engage in yearly growth and renewal plan.

Ministry Leader: 

  1. Received Jesus as Savior and live with a Kingdom mindset. 

  2. Agree with the Colorado Christian Academy Statement of Faith. 

  3. Demonstrate spiritual humility and leadership that furthers the school Christian cultural aspirations. 

  4. Lead from a place of strong identity; viewing work as a platform of worship not as a place to build ego and identity. 

  5. Participate in retreats for faculty and students designed to provide space for God.

Academic Leader: 

  1. Educator for middle elementary grade classroom and/or co curricular subjects. 

  2. Create a classroom environment of respect, curiosity, and excellence. 

  3. Assist in the development of Flex Friday which connect to the curriculum goals. 

  4. Develop and refine customized curriculum that connects to schools’ scope and sequence and Portrait of a Graduate. 

  5. Characterized as a learning specialist who can identify barriers to learning and develop solutions for learning. 

  6. Use data to celebrate student learning and refine instructional practices and goals. 7. Foster a learning environment where students master fundamentals in reading, writing, spelling, math, communication and critical thinking 

  7. Embody clear passion for learning and subject specific content. 

  8. Oversee learning and holistic growth goals for students.

Cultural Leader: 

  1. Provide high expectations and high support for students through clear communication and follow through of cultural expectations 

  2. Implement a discipline program that priorities responsibility, respect and honor while being restorative, mixed with adequate levels of grace and truth. 

  3. Consistently attend school community building events. 

  4. Exhibit a heart that is for the success of every person connected to the school, and its broader community. 

  5. In all interactions, speak honorably using grace and truth to address conflict in a Biblically restorative manner.

Education, Experience, and Required Competencies: 

  1. Bachelor’s Degree

  2. Spanish as a second language, is preferred

  3. Colorado Teaching Credential or demonstrated plan and timeline of credential completion, is preferred

  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

  5. Knowledge of software support and cutting-edge educational philosophy.

  6. Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. 

  7. Possess creative instructional practices and be highly skilled at coaching students forward in their strengths and weakness

  8. Ability to work collaboratively with a variety of people. 

  9. Ability to implement a curriculum with fidelity. 

  10. Be deeply committed to the Colorado Christian Academy mission and excited to lead and help shape this community. 

  11. Possess a growth mindset and strive for more than the status quo.


  1. Reports to Director of Academics. 

  2. Partners and communicates with parents. 

  3. Instructs, disciples, and coaches all students in the school.