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"We move as fast as we can, and as slow as they must"

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Let's Get Started!

Developing minds, shaping hearts, and preparing leaders.
A Pre-K through 8th Grade school 
Like No Other !

  • Christ- centered

  • Classically rooted

  • Customized Subject Placement

  • STEM inspired

Fill out the interest form below and get a chance to tour CCA. 

Colorado Christian Academy is moving! 


Check out  the video below to hear more about our new location for August 2023!
333 Inverness Dr., Englewood, CO 80112


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It's time for
something new.

At Colorado Christian Academy, students are encouraged to explore their gifts and interests through a combination of classroom study, interpersonal skill development, and extracurricular excursions. 

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It's time for
something new.

At Colorado Christian Academy, students are encouraged to explore their gifts and interests through a combination of classroom study, interpersonal skill development, and extracurricular excursions. 

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We provide an excellent academic curriculum that weaves together mental, social, physical, and spiritual health to equip our students to grow into resilient leaders. 


Starting in kindergarten, students at Colorado Christian Academy begin to understand that learning can be fun. Continuing this love for learning through middle school prepares students to thrive beyond CCA.



Above all, we believe that each student is imprinted with the image of God and should be given an opportunity to experience the life-giving hope and joy of life with Him when they walk through the doors of Colorado Christian Academy. 





We work with your family to find a full-time or part-time education plan that will best fit your needs.

Guided by His Voice

We want children to know God, not just about Him.  His voice gives them assurances about who they are and the freedom to be their genuine self.

Why we are different 

Students learn in an environment that inspires them to excel.  By meeting every child at their level and moving as fast as we can but as slow they must, students gain confidence in their abilities, propelling them to achieve more. 

Students enjoy smaller classroom sizes, individualized attention, a schedule designed for optimal learning, and Flex-Fridays, our extended learning program that takes learning outside the traditional classroom setting. 

Find out more about how your child will thrive at CCA.  

Call to schedule a tour!

Customized Subject Placement

 "We move as fast as we can and as slow as they must"

The days of "one-size-fits-all" education are over.

WE LISTEN... understand how we can best support your family goals.


...your student’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, passions, and personality.


...foundations that will change trajectories in your student that result in a stronger legacy story for your family.

We look forward to it!

OUR PROCESS get to know you better begins

We look forward to it!

Admissions Process

To attain a better understanding of what Colorado Christian Academy Mission, Vision and Values are, we ask that all families schedule a one on one tour, where we will go through our curriculum, based on your grade interest, hear about our very unique daily schedule, watch the students in their classroom setting, introduced to staff, movement breaks, flexible Fridays, and answer all your questions. These tour take approximately an hour and a half. You are welcome to bring your children as well. 


Once you have toured and have prayerfully reached the decision that Colorado Christian Academy is the best place where your family and child will gain the best Christ-Centered and individualized learning, we will have an application ready for you!

Schedule Family Interview

As a Christ-centered school, and holding to our Mission, Vision and Values, our family interview process is for those families that have applied to Colorado Christian Academy. We hold this time as one that truly defines those deeper conversations of what our Statement of Faith is, what partnering with like-minded families looks like, get a sense of what you bring to the parent community, what your child will add to the student body, and whether your outlook on education is compatible with the mission and values our school. 

Accepted students will receive official acceptance correspondence from Colorado Christian Academy. Once admitted, you may complete the four steps below to finalize student enrollment. 

After Student Acceptance

Sign Enrollment Contract

Select your enrollment program, sign Statement of Faith, and enrollment contract.

Submit Deposit and Choose Tuition Payment Schedule

Submit an $800 non-refundable deposit per student through your FACTS account. This deposit gets rolled over every year until the life of the contract ( when you child graduate or disenrolls) at which point gets discounted from the lat months tuition.

Families can pay annually or monthly. Monthly disbursements are processed on the 5th of each month. The first payment is July 10th and the last payment is June 10th of each year. 

Schedule Kaufman Assessment

We use the Kaufman Assessment as our benchmark test which is about an hour. This one-on-one standardized test that is nationally normed. Testing is generally done over the summer.
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