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What is put in front of students should inspire and engage them to learn and grow. It is vital that students interact with material that is rich in ideas and that challenges them at the edge of their current abilities.  Individualized attention aims to maintain students questions, skills, assignments, projects, and experiences with the goal of adjusting their thoughts, emotions, and decision-making abilities to the objective reality that exists independent of the learner.

This objective reality is better than any reality one creates out of one’s own desires, wants or interests.

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The curriculum is also an instrument by which students can enter into a sense of awe, wonder and worship for the Creator because He is present in all disciplines and subject matters. Curriculum is designed to build skill, habit and practice in foundational areas such as reading, research, critical thinking, writing, oral communication, and executive functioning. These skills are the springboard by which students can best access rigorous material and apply themselves to solve real and complex projects and problems. Practically speaking, the foundation to learning is the development of good habits and learning rituals combined with desire to grow.

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