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Curriculum is the engine of education.

The curriculum that we choose is the engine of the school. It is what drives knowledge and skill, ultimately shaping who the students will become. We choose a curriculum that helps students know God and themselves so they can authentically love others. We are classically rooted, academically rigorous while being holistic, innovative, and fun!  


The curriculum that we put in front of students is meant to help them be the healthiest people they can be. With increased technology, automation, and computer aids we believe there is an increased need for humans to be really good humans who possess strong identities, great oral and written communication skills, excellent conflict resolution capabilities, empathy for others, a rational and critical thinking lens, a dedicated work ethic, and a spirit that is alive. 

We believe in smart technology that efficiently uses data, houses student work, connects people, and provides a creative maker space. It is not a replacement for the teacher or parent. Technology is helpful for research, collecting data, organization, collaboration, communication, and projects but we do not think young students should give their minds away to software programs.​


Stories are essential. Through stories, we learn and make connections. Through story-telling, we have a greater ability to influence others. ​We believe a solid understanding of essential fundamentals and techniques provides the groundwork for creative innovation. We strive to master the essentials so our students can innovate, design, and create. This combination develops deep learning that sticks. Additionally, we have an intentional focus on global awareness through a Kingdom lens. 



Literacy Essentials: A multi-sensory, explicit phonics program which teaches the orthography and grammar of the English language. Through 8th grade, phonemic awareness and orthography is refined through spelling and writing to increase vocabulary and spelling proficiency.


Timeless and contemporary literature consists of stories with great themes such as friendship, adventure, coming of age, imagination,and loyalty. Book heroes and heroines inspire the reader towards virtue are read aloud and independently. 

(i.e. Winnie the Pooh, To Kill a Mockingbird, Shakespeare, Little Women, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wind and the Willows, Aesop’s Fables and mythology).


Strong comprehension is nurtured through summarizing and recalling with verbal and 

written narration.


Well-Ordered Language: Grammar begins with speaking in complete sentences. The skill and knowledge is enhanced through learning basic grammar components (parts of speech, types of sentences, punctuation, principal elements) and solidified through sentence diagramming.


Singapore Math Dimensions: A conceptual approach to teaching math that introduces math through concrete manipulatives, then pictures, then abstract math symbols. Provides students with math tools and techniques to train their mind to be an efficient calculator.


Building on the Rock - and overlayed and enhaced by our custom curriculum. Students will consider how the Bible impacts them and study with a biblical worldview. They will memorize scripture and learn to see their world through 4 distinctive realtionships (God, eachother, ourselves, & His creation)


K - 5  - Students will learn science through a biblical lens.  They will observe, classify, measure data, analyze data, make inferences, and communicate their findings effectively.  By utilizing student’s natural curiousity and providing answers to real questions, students will develop a passion for seeking truth.

Sixth - Eighth Grade  - Students will answer questions through hands on labs and interactive content.  They will gain a deeper understanding of Life Science, Engineering, Physics and Astronomy.


World History is introduced throughout all grades in Bible  classes, but beginning in 3rd grade, World History is taught with an increasing intensity and built upon biblical foundations from earlier years. 


The range of music can focus on a variety of subjects, including: instruction of basic vocal and instrumental lessons, exposure to different muscial styles, introduction to the basics of musical theory and study of musical history.  The joy of music creates an innovative outlet for students and invokes another sphere of learning, while communicating and expressing a sense of awe and wonder in the presence of God.


Students will glorify God through creative mediums while appreciating and incorporating the incredible details of His creations in their artistic impressions.  A historical survey of major traditions in art. A comparative study of the role of art across different time periods and cultures. 


Language involves understanding how best to express ourselves with accuracy to the people with whom we are speaking.  Language is a way in which we can study and view other cultures around the world. Students will learn Spanish through practical conversations, acting, games, and music.  The curriculum follows communicative language teaching practices, focusing on interaction between students and teacher. 


Encouraging and providing opportunities for students to be a part of a play and all that comes with it: memorization, performing, character development, backstage, costumes, camaraderie, and the chance to become the story and the storyteller. 


Christians are called to worship in all things we do, including keeping our bodies and minds healthy to do God’s work.  A blend of exercise, team sports and activities. Guest Coaches are brought in periodically to teach specialized units and expose students to various healthy activities.  


An extension of the school day to take students deeper into learning by creating memorable experiences. This is done through field trips, projects, and fun! These days give time for students to build bonds with their peers, teachers, and their Lord. 


Thrive Squads are our way of making sure every student is academically supported. Throughout the regular school day, Thrive Squads are scheduled to proactively address students' learning gaps in core subjects.  The goal is for every child to thrive, whether they need to bridge the gap to their current grade level or phase into a level above where they would be better challenged.  In-house tutoring is also available, at additional cost, if a student's needs exceed the capabilities of the Thrive Squads.

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