Curriculum is the engine of education.

Curriculum is designed to build skill, habit, and practice in foundational areas such as reading, research, critical thinking, writing, oral communication, and executive functioning. These skills are the springboard by which students can best access rigorous material and apply themselves to solve real and complex projects and problems. 


The curriculum that we put in front of students is meant to help them be the healthiest humans they can be. With increased technology, automation, and computer aids we believe there is an increased need for humans to be really good humans who possess strong identities, great oral and written communication skills, excellent conflict resolution capabilities, empathy for others, a rational and critical thinking lens, a dedicated work ethic, and a spirit that is alive. 

We believe in smart technology that efficiently uses data, houses student work, connects people, and provides a creative maker space. It is not a replacement for the teacher or parent. Technology is helpful for research, collecting data, organization, collaboration, communication, and projects but we do not think young students should give their minds away to software programs.​


Stories are essential. Through stories, we learn and make connections. Through story-telling, we have a greater ability to influence others. ​We believe a solid understanding of essential fundamentals and techniques provides the groundwork for creative innovation. We strive to master the essentials so our students can innovate, design, and create. This combination develops deep learning that sticks. Additionally, we have an intentional focus on global awareness through a Kingdom lens. 




Dimensions is a Singapore Math program that gets students to understand math concepts by training them to think and understand math concepts and not just memorize math facts. They introduce each new building block through a three-step scaffold:

Literacy Essentials is a reading program that teaches the code of the English language. Learning a language by viewing it as a puzzle to be solved and deciphered, lays the mental tracks for critical thinking and problem solving needed in school and in life. All students will receive this program, but the pace will vary based on grade. 


In year one, we will combine history and Bible. Students will learn the overarching story of God and the world. It is important for everyone to know the true story that we have been born into because we are tempted to live a different story in our society. This story is foundational to the rest of the curriculum at Colorado Christian Academy.


Science at CCA will actively prioritize the scientific processes through investigation and labs. Students will learn basic scientific principles/concepts plus the mental thinking that exercises cause/effect reasoning that takes one from evidence to valid conclusions. All science will be taught through a biblical worldview, which sees science as a celebration of God’s brilliance and handiwork.