At Colorado Christian Academy we inspire students to achieve more than they thought possible in a heathy, holistic manner that sets them up to thrive for life. We can't wait to engage in your student's journey to thrive!


Students are checking out, bored with the current systems, doubtful there is another way. This skepticism breeds cynicism, moving students toward light-stealing anxiety and life-killing depression. Is it possible to reclaim that light and resurrect hope, or will their skepticism be validated? We believe there is another way. We are re-imagining education in light of the life-giving hope of “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


Colorado Christian Academy believes life-giving education will be inspiring to students, in partnership with parents, and in rhythm with Jesus. Primarily, we will inspire students to become lifelong learners full of light whose ideas are shaped by the message and mission of Jesus. We will partner with parents to create home and school environments where imagining the impossible as possible and where desiring more than the American Dream are both emphasized. Finally, we will do more than just start a movement. Instead, we want to join a movement, orienting our everyday lives to Love’s intentional rhythms, setting students up to thrive as life-givers with Jesus. Every student, parent, teacher, administrator, and board member involved is inspired to imagine and live in this new way. Come thrive with us.


Colorado Christian Academy provides an innovative Christ-centered education that prioritizes academic achievements and individual development of the whole child.  In relationship with parents, we will build healthy foundations that result in resilient students.


To be a school that sees our students become "Resilient Leaders Sustained In Christ"


We Identify as Image Bearers.

This is how we inspire! We inspire students, parents, and employees to see one another as image bearers of God and, as such, we treat each other with honor and dignity. We are for the success of every student and family! As image bearers we reveal who He is and what His kingdom looks like. We serve, minister, and work with Jesus not for Jesus. Let Jesus Lead. 

We Worship God.

This is the way we achieve! We achieve an excellent product through the process of doing our best in a heart of worship. We give our talents and our struggles back to God so He can be made known.

We Love Each Other.

This is the way we thrive! We thrive when we fully receive God’s love so we are free to give radical love to others. Love is experienced through grace, truth, and service and is the means by which reconciliation, growth, and transformation happen in a community.


Everything we do helps students Know God, Know themselves, and Love others.




This type of holistic education focuses on the success of each student.


To start a movement that reclaims light and life in South Denver.

To support families who desire to build a thriving legacy for their children and family.

To fill a need for a school in the South Denver Metro area that strategically focuses on the development of a healthy whole child by making decisions related to schedule, work, diet, exercise, relationships, and family support.

To graduate students who are highly trained academically and also healthy individuals who resiliently manage the successes and challenges of life. We believe this is possible when students relate to Jesus through a true knowledge of God combined with a clear understanding of themselves.

To be a school that trains students in the classical ways of Christianity while being innovative, globally aware, and able to think creatively.

To be part of the Christian church that follows the teachings and the way of Jesus. A Christian school naturally attracts people to Jesus because parents desire an excellent, safe, healthy and dynamic education. A school who is modeling their practices after the teachings of Jesus is best equipped to deliver that promise. CCA will draw families closer to Jesus and create healthier families because that is foundational to the overall success of each student. A Christian school is an aspect of the church.

To be forward thinking in our delivery of education by developing flexible learning opportunities that give parents more freedom and control of their students learning experience.