With the overall philosophy of balance that cultivates hard-work and curiosity, the day is structured accordingly.

Our schedule is intentional to form life-long habits for a faith-driven, productive life. 


The daily schedule is designed so educators and students can focus on core subjects in the morning and co-curricular classes in the afternoon. We believe that this schedule promotes the healthy development of the whole child. Students will be encouraged to push themselves to master their fundamental skills and take risks in their co-curricular classes.  


Parents can choose to send students to Colorado Christian Academy full-time or

part-time depending on what is best for their family.


Early morning drop-off is begins at 7:45 a.m.. We provide optional morning activities designed to create healthy habits for life. Students will participate in prayer, meditation, stretches, exercises, and chores. School begins at 8:30 a.m.. We hope to provide these free of charge through a donor who values this opportunity for our students. 


Wednesday mornings, we hold weekly Chapel services for our students. Parents are welcomed to join students and teachers in this time of worship and sermon. These mornings are an opportunity to stay connected to your student, the school, as well as other parents. Chapel starts at 8:35 a.m.


Built into the rhythm of the school week is a non-traditional learning day that promotes deeper learning and student engagement. Each month has a different theme that connects to the curriculum and Colorado Christian Academy Portrait of a Graduate Outcomes. Students explore themes through excursions, experiential learning, and projects. Student work will be displayed at the annual Student Conference (Ted Talk Style). Fridays may also include time for extended learning where students can be supported or challenged in their core subjects. 


We are creating various program options based on the level of precautions we need to take due to COVID-19.


Students can participate in after school activities designed to create healthy habits for life. Students will dedicate time exploring or mastering a specific skill of interest or passion. There is a fee for afternoon activities. The daily fee is $16 per student with a max of $40 per family.


This year we will be focusing on the academic school day, but we will provide clubs/camps throughout the year based on student interest. Clubs/camps will have unique fees based on the cost to run each individual program. 


Tutoring will be offered before school, during school, after school, and on Fridays. The priority is that students are challenged and supported in their core subjects. In some cases it requires an additional small group or 1 on 1 setting in order to accomplish this. We have in-house tutoring through Colorado Christian Academy educators and Thrive Tutoring. There may be additional fees associated with tutoring.