At Colorado Christian Academy we are building a school where students consistently show meaningful, authentic, and measurable growth. We believe testing does not define a student nor determine their intelligence or capabilities, but it does provide valuable knowledge about the student. Testing allows us to accurately construct learning goals, follow student growth, and celebrate!

We believe data is the starting point for good decisions related to student academic and personal growth.

We are constantly thinking about how we put people and processes in place to help students grow in all aspects of their life.


Academically, we want students to move as fast as they can, but as slow as they must. We are here to both challenge and support them. We have a simple formula on how we aim to do this. If we know each student's baseline skillset, we can target instruction accordingly. This formula equals more authentic, meaningful, learning and growth.

At Colorado Christian Academy, we establish a student's baseline when they enter the school, and then re-administer testing in grades 2nd, 4th, and 7th. By obtaining a student's baseline and reassessing over time, we will appropriately discern student growth and effectively adjust academic learning plans. This will help us provide students with the right amount of challenge and support.