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Our Culture

Colorado Christian Academy is a place that is alive - growing in all ways, honoring to all people, and joyful in all circumstances.  We nurture a culture that strives to know God, know your child, know your family, and create unity in a diverse community. 


Our culture places a strong emphasis on conflict resolution as a method of growing in love and unity, and therefore we encourage everyone to:


We believe that school is a place of worship, where all our work, ability, and effort is seen as a gift back to our Creator. 


We set appropriate expectations for every student that is supported with high structure and high support. Through the love of Christ we seek to know you and your child, regardless of race, origin, denomination, socio-economics, or political affiliation.


We also emphasize transformation. It’s not enough to academically train students for the next level. A Colorado Christian Academy education is about helping students and families walk into the fullness of the identity that our Creator has for their life. 


A healthy body increases students mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity. We are brave enough to make decisions that lead to the holistic health of our students. We encourage low sugar diet, ample exercise, and a solid night’s sleep. 

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